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In 1994, the master behind the project, The Taste of Brazil Restaurant Group, arrived from Minas Gerais, Brazil; a Brazilian state with a very traditional and rich gastronomy.

Stimulated by the American Dream, she became inspired by her family’s traditional entrepreneurship. She invested all she had accomplished in America, within her first business. A humble restaurant in Danbury (Connecticut). Is how it all began… In less then a year, she had already established another restaurant and a third on the following year. She kept learning about the secrets of the restaurant business, discovering better products while establishing a stronger relation with her suppliers and costumers. The growth of the business began naturally. The idea of establishing a group and creating a name that represented her story and all the accomplishments. From the experience and practice of the craft was born The Taste of Brazil Restaurant Group. It had already arrived with greatness! Now there are four locations, each with a family partnership implemented. The idea wasn’t to establish a group of restaurants but a unity among people dedicated to one another; Each caring for their own location with the main purpose of growth for all of The Taste of Brazil Restaurant Group.

“We are more then a simple group, we are a family.” ( Founder )
The Taste of Brazil restaurants are strategically located within four major American cities;  Philadelphia, PA, Hillside and Newark, NJ. We provide a pattern of excellent quality and service at all locations, each fully dedicated on catering for the public.some of the best in the Brazilian gastronomy; like the famous Tropeiro-beans, the traditional Feijoada and the incredible Churrasco aka”BBQ”. The featuring aspect is the variety of deliciously prepared meats and the rich taste of our buffet, always catering with the highest quality, made up of fresh salad’s, fruit’s, veggie’s and other main dishes such as fish, chicken, and much more. We also offer fabulous desserts especially prepared with rich flavor and beauty. All of our products are carefully crafted by our nutritionist and the care of our chefs.

That’s what composes The Taste of Brazil; a great family catering to your family. Our happiness comes from is seeing your delight with all that we provide.
The Taste of Brazil, share the flavor!

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